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Thebookshop - Darlinghurst

Thebookshop at Darlinghurst is described as Australia's premiere online store for gay, lesbian and related books, videos, DVDs and magazines

The Feminist Bookshop

Books for a changing world - fiction, social issues and living skills for women, men and children.  Resoruces for teachers, social workers and therapists.


Community Information Directory - Wollongong City Library

This Directory contains information about community based organisations, and government departments, which provide services, programs, activities and facilities within the Wollongong region. Subject areas covered include health, welfare, education, sport, hobbies, child care, art, culture etc.



The leading virtual community and news website for gays and lesbians in the USA


The Pink Guide, a publication that is distributed nationally, and is accepted as the GoTo guide for the GLBT community for information about Gay Friendly businesses in that distribution area.

SameSame.com.au - Inside out Australia

A new national gay and lesbian website that takes you inside out Australia. Same Same features up-to-the-minute local and international news, in-depth features, event reviews and photos, lively forums, competitions, a detailed interactive what's on guide and uses the latest technology to connect the community with each other in a positive and refreshing way.

SX News

The leading gay newspaper and information source for Sydney gay and lesbians with he latest News, Entertainment, Business and Travel.

Sydney Star Observer

SS) - Sydney Star Observer is Australia's leading gay and lesbian news source

AX National

AX National is a leading gay newspaper and information source for Australian gay and lesbians. The latest News, Entertainment, Business and Travel.


LOTL - Lesbians On The Loose is an Australian lesbian magazine with news from Australia and beyond. Features astrology, dream interpretation, chat room, advice and a lesbian site review.

DNA Magazine

DNA describes itself as Australia's best selling magazine for gay men


Melbourne Community Voice for gay and lesbian readers



Blaze is a leading gay newspaper and information source for Australian gay and lesbians. The latest News, Entertainment, Business and Travel.


Gay Northern Territory - Gay entertainment, lifestyle, news and photography in the NT. 


Cherrie is for the sex-positive queer chick who is interested in fashion, entertainment and pop culture as well as politics and global issues. 


The leading travel information source for Australian gay and lesbians.

Queensland pride

The leading gay newspaper and information source for Queensland gay and lesbians.


ACON - Illawarra Branch (by appointment only) - face to face counselling.  Phone: (02) 4226 1163 and ask for an Intake Worker

ACON Sydney - Counselling Services 

ACON - SYDNEY Counselling Service: call the Intake and Assessment Officer on (02) 9206 2000 or 1800 063 060 between 11-1pm, Monday to Friday. Telephone and face to face counselling available.

GLCS - Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service of NSW 

Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service - telephone counselling service. Phone: 1800 18 4527  7 days per week  5.30pm - 10.30pm

ANOTHER CLOSET - same sex domestic violence 

Same Sex Domestic Violence: support, information and advice

UK Counselling Directory 

This site is a general UK counselling directory but it does have very useful information on issues such as anxiety, abuse, depression, sexuality, trauma, self-esteem and stress to just name a few issues covered.


MAG - Mature Age Gays, Sydney

MAGS - Mature  Aged Gays: social group for men over 40 years of age (Sydney)

WAGS - Wollongong Area Gays

WAGS - Wollongong: A community, social, support and networking group for Gay and Bisexual men aged 30 and over in Wollongong and the Illawarra region

REAL Illawarra

REAL Illawarra- Respect and Equality Amongst Lesbians, Illawarra. A lesbian group who provide social events and support for lesbians in the Illawarra.


Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives

Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives - Australia wide collection of gay and lesbian materials

Seahorse Society of NSW

The Searhorse Society - provide mutual support for Crossdressers, Transvestites and Transgendered people, their partners and families

The Gender Centre Inc.

The Gender Centre provides assistance for people questioning their gender or identifying as Transgender

VoxFM - hosting Pink Nation on a Thursday 

Pink Nation - Gay and Lesbian Programe - every Thursday 5 - 6 pm on VOX FM 106.9 our own local Wollongong Community Radio Station

UNITY Wollongong Inc.

UNITY is a social support group for the GLIBTQ community (their friends and supporters), in the Illawarra area.

New Mardi Gras

New Mardi Gras own website with all the information you will need to enjoy Sydney's amazing Mardi Gras parade and so much more


Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby looks to address inequality in gay and lesbian rights within Australia


GLBT DVD OUTLETS  - we do not provide information on adult sites


Out DVD:  on-line shop for gay, lesbian, queer and alternative movies



GayData.org is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender information and research site


The Drama Downunder

The Drama Downunder is an Australian site providing information about some of the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's) experienced by gay men.

Taking a look: HIV prevention

HIV prevention for gay men - information about HIV, safe sex, PEP, STI's, HIV testing and more - an AFAO (Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations) info site.



ACON - AIDS Council of NSW Inc. a gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender health imformation service

NSW Sexual Health Clinics

Sexual Health Clinics - NSW - free STI testing and treatment

whytest - STI information

STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) information


Right Here, Right Now - Sexual Health Information: STI's, PEP, Hep C, Crystal, HIV & Casual Sex and much more