Exploring your sexuality is part of the process of becoming aware of yourself, your gender and your sexual preference. People become aware of their sexuality in their own time and in their own personal way.

There is no 'right way' of coming to understand your sexuality - everyone has their own journey that is both similar to others and unique to them.

Some people talk of being aware of their sexuality from an early age and most often by the time they reach puberty.  That does not mean that being aware necessarily makes you feel comfortable or 'ok' about your sexuality.  Others find they do not become fully aware of their sexuality or accept it until their late adolesences or early adulthood.  It is also true for some that they may not accept their sexuality until well into their adulthood.

Some people feel more comfortable with having 'labels' they can identify with such as:

  • Gay, lesbian, same sex attracted or queer (attracted to the same sex)
  • Bi-sexual or Bi (attracted to the same and opposite sex)
  • Transgender (do not identify with the sex or gender with which they were born) * more information can be found on the Gender Issues page of this website
  • Straight or heterosexual or hetro (attracted to the opposite sex)

Others feel that labels do not adequately explain their sexuality or do not help them to define who they are sexually. Some people will talk about their sexuality being a dynamic experience where who they are sexually attracted to changes over time and can be different at various points in their life journey.

Sexuality is also about who you are BOTH physically AND emotionally attracted to, it is not just a physical desire.

There is no right or wrong way of coming to understand YOUR sexuality.  It is your journey and you should always feel comfortable with what you do sexually and NOT allow anyone to make you do anything sexually you do not feel comfortable and safe doing.