Information on groups and services for gay and bi-sexual men

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(Post Exposure Prophylaxis)

How to use a Condom

'Out' to your GP or Doctor

BEAT Safety

Useful web links:

The Drama Downunder - STI information  An Australian site providing information to gay and bi men on the most common sexually transmitted infections.








Hard Cell  an adult,  British based sexual health site that has very useful information for men who have sex with other men. 

Gay Dads Australia  Supports gay men who are or are planning on or are already parents


'Coming out', or being open to friends and family about an individual's homosexuality, can be a challenging and difficult experience for many men. In particular, men who have sex with men (MSM) who identify as being heterosexual during periods in their adult life can find the 'coming out process' particularly challenging. This experience of coming to terms with a homosexual or bisexual orientation is unique and different to each individual.

This resource aims to provide men who are coming out later in life with basic information about gay community dynamics, sexuality identity, HIV transmission, safe sex, as well as broader health promotion messages about STIs and drug use.

Topics covered in this new resource include:

·           Coming out - what's involved?

·           What it's like to be gay in our society

·           Where can I meet other guys?

·           Sex and gay men

·           Health risks and sex - looking after yourself

·           Who can help?

'Out Late' PDF - A resource for older men coming out



Wollongong Area Gays






A social group for the MATURE (aged 30 and over ) gay man in the Illawarra (Wollongong) area


Social drop in nights, peer support activities, workshops, movies and game nights, outings, BBQ's, attending Mardi Gras events, sexual health clinics, guest speakers, cafe meetings, theatre and other activities the group plans.

If you are 'coming out', new to the area, looking to make new friends then W.A.G.S. may be the group for you.